A Lot Of A Little

Your health and wellness does not hinge on the one decision of whether or not to “go to the gym” every day

10,000 Hours Pt. VI VII

If you want to be a leader in the industry and have the respect of your peers, you need to write, present, and provide resources for others. I know many great, experienced trainers that are frustrated with their progress in the field.

10,000 Hours Pt. IV, V

Your knowledge of the field can be a limiting factor in your growth. Getting a degree in the field can give you a head start on getting your 10,000 hours. Doing the math once again, let’s say you’re in college for 4 years.

10,000 Hours, Pt. III

Part III
Your Own 10,000 Hour Workout
Personal Fitness and Performance

Don’t trust a skinny chef; don’t trust an out-of-shape trainer. If you want to be a great coach and trainer, you have to train. If you don’t embody what you are evangelizing, you’re a hypocrite and your clients know it.

10,000 Hours, Pt. II

Part II
4 Aspects of 10,000 hours to Success

If you want to be an industry leader and separate yourself from the pack, there are four aspects that will set you apart.

10,000 Hours

Part I 10,000 Hours to Greatness

Ten thousand hours. According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers,” that’s how much time industry leaders have committed to their chosen vocation.